Benner Mogul Belva

GTPI +2430 (12/14)
The Mogul excitement is well founded!! Belva looks amazing –Due Mar 2015 to Josuper

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of the Royal Winter Fair Red & White

Grand Champions at Royal Winter Fair!

RockyMountain Proud Sponsors of the Black & White & Red & White Holstein Grand Champion!

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Breeder of Distinction Awarded to RockyMountain Holsteins

Welcome Mogul Patts

GTPI +2607 (12/14)
RockyMountain Bombero Phoenix GTPI +2494 DGV +3367 GLPI +3360 (12/14) , RockyMountain Bombero Patricia GTPI +2404 DGV +3183 GLPI +3237 (12/14) RockyMountain Elbp 553 GTPI +2602 (10/14) is going to Semex!

Larcrest Coccines

GTPI +2562 (12/14)
Currently Flushing at Boviteq! Halogen X Planet X Larcrest Crimson

Woodcrest Numerno Yuknow

GTPI +2458 (12/14)
Currently flushing at Boviteq! IVF Embryos For Sale by Seagull-Bay Silver. A hot AI mating sire (Woodcrest Mogul Yoder GTPI +2570 (08/14) ) from full sister of Yuknow's Dam. Confirmed pregnancies by Seagull-Bay Silver.

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Farnear-TBR-BH Varsity

IHG Flame Varsity 9101

Purchased at Jetstream Global Greatness Sale! (dam pictured)

HF33842 Branet Sid Myscarff

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Branet Sid Myscarff

Cali Cashcoin Miss Hajr

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